Sunday, March 8, 2015

Site Revamp Notice

Since I just gave out some of my namecards yesterday, might as well put this very belated notice up.

As some of you had known from my production's Facebook page, I had put up a site revamp post up since last year and hadn't really had time to sit down to do it as I was still recuperating from my eye operation, which, happened just in May. I know, that occurred merely six months after I had my ovarian operation in November 2013.

And that's like my, 2nd operation in my life already. Which took really long because I couldn't really look at my screen for too long afterwards.

In any case, since there's like wine on the line now (I'll talk about that interesting little wager issued by my god sis just yesterday a little more next time ha), I'll link my production's Facebook page link here for the time being so that you guys and gals can "keep tabs" on my progress. I'll most likely not use this Blogspot account anymore for my production as Blogspot screws up photo arrangements quite badly and in terms of catergorizing, it's not that customizable in a sense whereby it's difficult to have a clear cut definition of my blog writing space from my jewelry gallery.

I'll most likely shift my site to Weebly whereby it's easier to do categorizing. Downside of Weebly is, it's Flash-enabled interface ain't that reliable as it does crashes from time to time, though not a very often occurrence that is.

I'll link up my personal blog site here as well - which mainly charts cosplay costumes and props progress, food and tea reviews and my daily dose of nonsense. Still not having a very good experience with the photo arrangements as I decided to give Blogspot another chance with it earlier this year. Most likely shifting it back to Weebly soon too.

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